6 m³ hydrofor 10 bar

100 m³ nedgravet tank for sammenkobling i vandreservoir

Hydrofor tryktank 25 m³ - 12 bar

3D af 100 m³ nedgravet tank for sammenkobling i vandreservoir

Accessories for
water tanks:
- Ladder, platforms ect.

Tanks for drinking water

CGH offers tanks for drinking water. The great advantage of storing drinking water in tanks is that the tanks are closed.

Tanks for drinking water can be supplied in stainless steel 1.4307 (304L) or 1.4404 (316L).
As a cheaper alternative, the tanks can also be supplied in carbon steel, which is internally treated with drinking water approved epoxy.

Drinking water tanks can also be supplied as underground tanks, avoiding the cost of buildings.

The tanks can be produced in sizes from 5,000 liters.
Our most optimum diameter can be found on our standard datasheets on steel tanks:

Aboveground tanks - download datasheet

Verticale tanks - download datasheet

Underground tanks - download datasheet

Tanks for sprinkler systems – hydrophore tanks

Hydrophore tanks are a pressure tank with both water and air in the tank.

The tanks can be used as sprinkler tanks for firefighting.

CGH produces hydrophore containers in sizes from 5,000 liters up to transportable goods.

Usually these pressure tanks are designed for an operating pressure of 6 to 16 bar, but the tanks can also be designed for other pressures.

Sprinkler tanks are usually treated internally with an epoxy system and externally coated to the environment in which they are set up.

Vandreservoir tanke

Tanks for water reservoir

If you need a larger water reservoir, CGH can offer tanks that can be connected to achieve the desired volume.

These water tanks can be used, among other things, as supplementary water reservoir for fire fighting, or as water reservoir.