30 m³ single skinned aboveground horizontal tank for additives

111 m³ sump tank installed on offshore platform

Single skinned aboveground tank with insulation and heated with electric tracing.

4 pcs. 100 m³ double skinned aboveground diesel tanks for emergency power plants

50 m³ double skinned fuel tank for heating plant

Tank system with 2 pcs. 100 m³ abovegrund tanks for aviation fuels

2 stk. 25 m³ double skinned aboveground tanks for aviation fuel

60 m³ double skinned sales facility with 2 products

Accessories for CGH
aboveground tanks:

Level equipment
Leakdetection system
Overfill prevention

Data sheets:
Double skinned horizontal tanks

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Aboveground horizontal tanks

CGH aboveground tanks can be delivered as single skinned steel tanks or as double skinned steel tanks. In most countries it is now a legal requirement to use double-skinned tanks made out of two layers of steel. This is also the most environmentally safe way of storing chemicals, oil and gasoline products. The tank's double wall can be connected to an alarm system which ensures that leakage do not occur in one of the tank walls.

CGH supplies tanks made according to EN12285-2 in 4 standard diameters and in sizes up to 100 m³. For special projects we can also offer tanks in non-standard sizes and in special diameters. Send a query to learn which options we can offer.

Overview of standard diameters / volumes:

  • Diameter 1600 mm:    3 m³ -   5 m³ -   8 m³ -  10 m³ - 13 m³ -   16 m³
  • Diameter 2000 mm:  10 m³ - 13 m³ - 16 m³ - 19 m³ - 25 m³ -   30 m³
  • Diameter 2500 mm:  20 m³ - 25 m³ - 30 m³ - 40 m³ - 50 m³ -   60 m³ - 70 m³
  • Diameter 2900 mm:  40 m³ - 50 m³ - 60 m³ - 70 m³ - 80 m³ - 100 m³

For further details see our product sheet.

If necessary, the tank can be divided into several rooms with the possibility of storing several different products in the same tank.

Our factory has its own painting department, which gives the tank the desired surface treatment internal and external. On the outside, the tank is treated with an approved polyurethane paint that ensures the corrosion protection.

Internal treatment protects the tank against corrosion and thus prolongs the life of the tank. If the tank is 100% internally treated, it is also ensured that the product in the tank remains completely clean. CGH offers a wide range of surface treatments that cover almost every need. We have paint for heating oil / diesel, gasoline, bio fuel and a wide range of chemicals. Inquire about a resistant paint for the product you want to store.

For aggressive media, CGH aboveground tanks can also be delivered as stainless steel tanks. Aboveground tanks can be made as single skinned tanks made entirely of stainless steel, but we also offer a special double skinned version, where the inner tank is made of stainless steel and the outer tank is made of ordinary steel. The outer tank is surface treated as normal with a protective paint. This combines the best features from stainless steel tanks and traditional tanks. All at a lower price than a completely stainless steel tank.

CGH aboveground tanks can be supplied with a variety of different accessories. The tanks can also be supplied with insulation and heating if the product in the tank is to be kept at a certain temperature.

Our production is ISO 9001 certified by TÜV.