10 m³ stainless diesel tank installed in Greenland

Vertical tank of 40 m³ for Adblue

Stainless steel tank 60 m³

60 m³ stainless steel tank

50 m³ stainless tank with insulation

4 m³ stainless tank for chemical waste

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Stainless tanks

Stainless tanks

CGH offers a wide range of stainless steel tanks for storing aggressive oils and other aggressive liquids within the chemical industry. The tanks can be manufactured as CE approved pressure tanks made according to PED / 97/23, as pressure free horizontal tanks made according to EN12285-1 / 2, or as vertical tanks according to DIN6618.

Depending on the task, the material best suits the medium to be stored in the tank. Most commonly used are the materials 1,4301 (AISI304), 1.4401 (AISI316) and 1.4404 (AISI316L). However, other materials may also be offered - inquire for further informaton.

After production has been completed, the stainless steel tanks are stained and passivated as standard.

We recommend that underground tanks receives an additional external treatment with a layer of epoxy / polyurethane paint.

CGH offers a special double skinned version, in which the inner tank is manufactured in stainless steel and the outer tank is manufactured in ordinary steel, which is surface treated according to the environment the tank is to be set up in and in customer color choice. This combines the best features from stainless steel tanks and traditional tanks. All at a lower price than a completely stainless steel tank.