Underground LPG tank during installation

113,5 m³ aboveground LPG tank

20 m³ LPG tank in diameter 2000 mm

Accessories for CGH
LPG tanks:

- Sumps, pipes and ...
- Ladder, platforms etc.

Data sheets:
Aboveground LPG tanks
- Underground LPG tanks

Se referencer:
- Gas tanks

LPG tanks

LPG tanks from CGH are manufactured according to PED/97/23/EC and come with CE marking. CGH can supply LPG tanks for installation both above and underground. We have a number of standard sizes, but we also make LPG tanks designed to each project.

Our standard models come with the required standard luminaire. The tanks are delivered as standard approved at 15.6 bar and with safety valves for this.

LPG tanks, for underground, come with different types of wells for easy access to the manway.

LPG tanks installed above ground can be supplied with ladder and platform.