Mechanical overfill prevention - model Self Climat LDR

A completely safe mechanical safety and environmental protection device preventing any risk of overflow when filling a static tank.

One of the safest ways to avoid overfilling is to install a mechanical overfill prevention device inside the tank. The overfill prevention divice is mounted on the filler pipe, and on underground tanks it is placed at 97% filling while the fuse on aboveground tanks is placed at 95% filling. This is a requirement according to EN12285.

Designed for liquid petroleum fuels: heating oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, lead-free and leaded gasoline.

Overfill prevention devices can be delivered in different models and sizes depending on the fuel tank and fill rate requirements. Can be used in conjunction with gravity filling and pump filling.

Model LDR N: Used primarily for oil and gas tanks.

Model LDR NT og LDR INOX: Used for more aggressive fluids primarily within the industrial and chemical sectors.

  • Delivered ready-to-fit: on the filling tube inside the tank.
  • A dip tube must be fitted under the OPD to prevent turbulence or foam forming (risk of accidental or premature closure).
  • Complete and automatic closure at level N1 with the possibility of draining the filler hose and pipe (min. draining volume: 150 L).
  • Complete and automatic closure at level Nmax without possibility of reopening.

Mechanical overfill prevention - model Cleanfill

Cleanfill can be used as a mechanical overfill fuse for diesel fuel, heating oil and similar products, and must be mounted outside from a 2 "muffle. This makes the model suitable for existing tanks where a mechanical overfill prevention is required. There is no possibility of having a filler pipe inside tank.

Fill rate max 40 m³/hour and max 7 bar.

Data  sheet - download PDF

Technical data sheet - download PDF

Mekanisk overfyldningssikring - model Cleanfill
Mekanisk overfyldningssikring - model Cleanfill Adblue

Electronic overfill prevention

CGH offers several different models of electronic overfill prevention for tanks with diesel, fuel oil, gasoline, etc. Can be used both on aboveground and on underground tanks.

In the tank, a probe is connected to a plug that is typically located near the tank filler coupling. Before filling the tank, the tanker is connected to this plug and at full tank the car's pump is disconnected and the filling is stopped. Probes can be delivered in different lengths depending on the tank and depending on when you want the filling disconnected. Aboveground tanks must not exceed 95% and underground tanks must not exceed 97%.

This is a very effective and safe method of avoiding overfills.

Elektronisk overfyldningssikring

Mechanical overfill prevention - gravity filling

  • Model Petroster ZPP1
  • Only for gravity filling 0.8 - 1.3 bar
  • Mounted in DN100 flange and incl. filling pibe in tank

 Mechanical overfill prevention - Adblue

  • Model 446-50-SS
  • Metal parts in stainless steel
  • Floats that interrupt the filling when the tank is full
  • Can not be mounted with a filler pipe inside the tank
Mekanisk sikring til Adblue (Ridart 446-50-SS)

Tank alarm / vent

  • Tank alarm / ventilation with whistle function
  • 2 "thread connection
  • Strong house in Zamak and plastic top with thread





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