OCIO level measurement

Simple and reliable system for level measurement in oil tanks at a competitive price.

  • Electronic level measurement with high accuracy +/- 1%
  • 2 built-in alarms for minimum / maximum level
  • Can be used in tanks with diameter / height up to 4 meters
  • Display shows either height, volume or percentage
  • Easy installation
  • Standard with 10 meter hose, can be extended up to 50 meters
  • RS output for connection to PC. Purchase of software required
  • Available with 4-20 mA output

OCIO data sheet - Download PDF.

OCIO user manual -  Download PDF.

4-20 mA signal setup - Download PDF.

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Wooden Guage Sticks

The Guage Sticks are made of kiln dried seasoned hardwood with all edges lightly rounded.

Comes with silver print on black background for easy reading. The scale is graduated by ½ cm and thus it is possible to accurately reflect the contents of the tank.

Guage Sticks FL5:

  • Length 450 cm with 0-366 cm scale.
  • Size of stick 8 x 22 mm.
  • Foldable in 5 sections.
  • Fittings "locks" when the stick is fold open.
  • Folds to 90 cm for storage and shipping.
Wooden gauge stick

Mechanical level gauges

CGH Nordic stock 2 series of mechanical level gauges for aboveground console tanks.

Mano Clock Multi:

Mechanical oil level sensor made of UV resistant plastic material, Ø110 mm. Connection 1½ ".

Available in two standard sizes:

  • 200 cm scale - can be set to tank height 100-200 cm
  • 250 cm scale - can be set to tank height 200-250 cm

Mano Clock L3E:

Mechanical oil level sensor made of anodized aluminum, Ø180 mm. Connection 1½ ".

Available in two standard sizes:

  • L3E 150 - can be set to tank height 100-150 cm
  • L3E 250 - can be set to tank height 150-250 cm
Mano Clock L3E, 250 cm

Electronic level measurement

CGH Nordic can offer a complete program of electronic level measurement equipment for our tanks. The equipment is adapted to the individual project and can be anything from a simple solution with pressure probe connected to an existing SRO system, to a more complicated solution with level measurement with built-in programmable alarm points, temperature transmitters, etc. Level equipment can be delivered to our entire program of underground tanks, console tanks and vertical tanks.

  • Level transmitters with 4-20 mA signal.
  • Also available with local display.
  • Temperature transmitter PT100 with 4-20 mA signal
  • Level probe with adjustable alarm points for high / low alarm and 4-20 mA signal.

Levels and leveling sticks can be ordered with the tank or delivered later.

For more information call CGH Nordic +45 75 71 20 04

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