Tank sump - street cover kit

TCI access chambers are used for access to an underground tank. The shafts are divided into two and it is therefore possible to mount pipes, fittings, etc. before the top is mounted. This ensures the best possible working conditions for the installer.

Watertight tank access chambers

  • Spacious octagonal base for structural strength when back filled, comfortable access and eight pipe entry orientations
  • Large flat panels for installation of “Easy Fit” pipe entry fittings
  • Corrugated, height-trimmable riser, available in two lengths
  • Chamber meets the confined workspace safety requirements
  • Chamber is closed and sealed with a lid
  • Made of PE material that is easy and safe to work with
  • All gaskets in Nitrile rubber
  • Compatible with high blend Ethanol fuels (E85) and bio-diesel
  • Vacuum testable with Magnum VI system


CGH offers a wide range of steel shafts designed for use in areas outside the roadway,

  • Square model with two lids
  • Square model with 1 large lid with gas cylinder
  • Round model
  • Large square model with 2 piece aluminum lid openable with gas cylinder

The shafts can be delivered with different types of surface treatment; Painted, endoprene coated and warm galvanized surface.
Also available in stainless steel.

Model TB2. Download PDF
Model TB3. Download PDF

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TCI Easy Fit pipe entry fittings

TCI’s Easy Fit pipe entry fittings - For all pipe brands and sizes.

To avoid product leaking out of the tank sump or ground water entering in the tank sump, tight pipe entry fittings must be used. Pipe entry fittings shall be composed of two parts:
- A cuff body installed into the tank sump wall.
- A flexible boot installed on the cuff to seal the entering pipe.

  • Only one hole to drill!
  • Installs in steel, concrete, PE and GRP sump walls
  • Approved for all new fuels, ethanol, E85, Bio-diesel
  • Boots available to seal all pipe brands and diameters
  • Easy, one man installation
  • Double pipe sealing possible
  • Angled pipe entries possible exceeding 12°

Easy Fit datasheet. Download PDF

TCI Easy Fit rørgennemføringer

TCI Fogs pipework

Double wall pipework for fuel furnaces & emergency generator systems

The primary pipes, supplied in coils of 50 or 100m are installed in secondary ducts supplied in coils of 50m and 76m. Ducts can be connected to each other when longer lengths are required.
According to the duct’s diameter, multiple primary pipes can be inserted in one duct (2 to 3 in the SP3501 and SP4501, and up to 4 in the SP6001 duct). The primary pipes remain retractable without excavation.
Manually installable couplings with swivelling nuts and BSPT adaptors are supplied for completion of the pipe work on site. ‘EASY FIT’ pipe entry fittings combined with specific sealing donuts ensure liquid tightness in the tank chamber and when passing the wall or the floor slab of the technical room.

The feed & return line from tank to generator room runs into secondary ducts. Between 1 to 4 primary lines can be inserted into secondary ducts with diameters 3 ½”, 4 ½” and 6”. Both primary pipes and secondary ducts are laid in continuous runs, without buried inaccessible joints. At both ends the primary pipes are sealed with the secondary duct by means of flexible boots and special donuts. The boots are equipped with a valve for eventual continuous monitoring of the interstitial space.

  • Complies with EN14125 - A1
  • Secondary contained pipework
  • Manually installed couplings
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Installed in continuous runs
  • Primary pipes remain retractable
  • Multiple primary pipes fit in secondary duct

TCI Fogs datasheet. Download PDF

TCI Fogs rørsystem