100 m³ doubleskinned underground tank

Doubleskinned diesel fuel/heating oil tank complete with TCI access shaft model SM4533 and galvanized street cover embedded in concrete. Vacuum has been established in the double wall of the tank and a pressure gauge with built-in alarm continuously monitors the density of the tank.

  • 100 m³ doubleskinned steel tank made in accordance with EN12285-1 class A.
  • Diameter 2,900 mm. Length 15,900 mm.
  • Internally treated with epoxy Tankguard Storage in the bottom zone and external treated with Endoprene.

The tankconnections are placed in the manway so that they are always accessible, even after the tank has been put into operation. A steel frame is welded around the frame of the manway for mounting the TCI access shaft. The steel frame is also collecting any waste and is provided with 110 mm drain for oil separator.

The tank is installed at a heating plant in Denmark.