Fuelstation 75 m³

For this project CGH Nordic delivered 1 pc. 75 m³ double skinned aboveground tank in 4 compartments for 4 different grades of fuel. The room of 10 m³ for Adblue is equipped with 100 mm insulation and stainless steel cover plate. Filling pipes and suction pipes for Adblue are also insulation. Around the compartment for Adblue, filling pipes and suction pipes, heating cables have been installed as Adblue does not tolerate too low temperatures.

One end of the tank is made as a large filling cabinet where all the filling of the tank is completed with TODO drip-free filling couplings. The filling cabinet also functions as a collection of any spillage from tank vents in the event of overfilling.

Opposite the filling cabinet, the tank is made with a platform for the pump and an integrated roof over the pump. The tank is also provided with a large technical space in the same diameter as the tank itself. An electrical cabinet is mounted in it and there is space for storing various equipment.

The top of the tank is equipped with a platform incl. railings along the entire length of the tank. Access to the platform is at the end of the tank via ladder with back support for optimal safety.