CGH Nordic has a wide range of tank accessories. Some tank accessoriesare standard products and stocked at our factory, but since we often manufacture special customer-specific tanks, the parts are often found and purchased for each project. We therefore offer a large selection of filling couplings, vents, anti-lift valves, non-return valves, gas return couplings, pressure/vacuum valves, suctions and much more. Tank accessories on this page are just a sample of what we can offer.

Anti siphon valves

  • Standard sizes 1½" and 2"
  • Mounted on top of tank at top of suction pipe
  • Prevents siphon effect by suction pipe leakage
  • Adjustable

Filling couplings

  • TW couplings in 2", 3" and 4". Available in brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Lockable.
  • TODO drip-free couplings. Stocked in 2" and 3" in aluminum and stainless steel.
  • "Villa coupling" Sweden. Stocked in 2" brass. Lockable.
  • "Villa coupling" Denmark. Stocked in 2" zinc. Lockable.


All tanks without pressure must be provided with a vent. The model and size depend on tank type, installation location, media in tank etc.

  • Open vent, most often used on underground tanks for example. diesel and heating oil. Can be made in size as needed.
  • Tank alarm / vent hood with built-in whistle function. Can be used on underground tanks for diesel and heating oil. Available in 2".
  • Vent hood with built-in flame arrestor and pressure/vacuum valve. Often used in tanks for petrol. Available in 2" and 3".

Vapour recovery adapter with flame arrester

The vapour recovery adapter is normally used in the vapour recovery line (Stage 1). Upon its connection with a camlock coupling, the valve opens allowing the vapour transfer to the tank truck.
Flame arrester element is designed to isolate flames and protect a circumscribed area from hazardous conditions that could be generated.

Pressure vacuum vent

The pressure vacuum vent is normally used in the vapour recovery system (Stage 1).

It is designed to regulate the pressure inside the underground storage tank and to protect it in case of overpressure. It even helps to reduce the evaporation of fuel and environmental pollution.

  • Flame arrester element is designed to isolate flames and protect the tank from tramsission of flames.
  • Standard vacuum -2,5 mbar
  • Standaard pressure + 35 mbar
  • The pressure vacuum vent exists in two sizes: 2″ and 3″.

Explosion lid

  • Extra safety precaution if tank venting is blocked
  • For mounting between flanges
  • Available in different materials
  • Available for overpressure, vacuum or combination of pressure/vacuum

Floating suction

  • Used mainly for aviation tanks
  • Made of aluminum
  • Available in sizes DN50, DN80 and DN100
  • Incl. checkwire for checking function

Extra equipment

Tanks for gasoline and similar flammable liquids must be protected against possible ignition of the medium and vapors from it. CGH can supply a complete range of equipment for this purpose.

  • In-line deflagration flame arrester. Normally installed where a potentially explosive mixture might be generated to isolate flames in a circumscribed area. Flame arresters of the size 1″, 1″1/2, 2″ can be installed in the vapour recovery system and 3″-4″ in the loading line of underground or above ground storage tanks.

  • Safety quick dry coupling. The dry quick coupling is used to prevent any possible leaking during the process of transferring hazardous fluids in different fields of application, like petrochemical, food, farmaseutical, ecc. The valve opens and closes automatically while connected or disconnected without residual loss of liquid. It can be connected or disconnected under pressure.

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