10 m³ underground tank with anchoring

Double-skinned underground tank for ethanol complete with TCI access shaft model SM4533 and complete CGH anchoring system with concrete beams. The tank is delivered as type-approved K-tank in Sweden.

  • 10 m³ double-skinned steel tank for underground made in accordance with EN12285-1 class A.
  • Diameter 1,600 mm. Length 5,600 mm.
  • Internal treated 100% with epoxy Eurokote 455 and external treated with Endoprene.

The tank has two manways, one for connections and one for easy access to the tank. The manway for access to the tank is provided with ladders inside the tank. A steel frame is welded around the frame of the manway for mounting the TCI access shaft and for collecting any waste. Also complete anchoring system with concrete beams and galvanized anchor bands has been provided. This anchoring system requires no prior time-consuming concreting. Everything is managed in one time-saving workflow.

The tank is installed in Uppsala, Sweden.