Transport center 5 pcs 100 m³

This project included delivery of 5 pcs. 100,000 liters double skinned underground tanks. The tanks are divided into 2 rooms for storage of 2 products in one tank. All 5 tanks are supplied with CGH anchoring with concrete beams and anchoring bands. Vacuum has been established in the double wall of the tank and a contact gauge with built-in alarm continuously monitors the density of the tanks.

  • 5 x 100 m³ double skinned steel tanks for underground made according to EN12285-1 class A.
    • Diameter 2,900 mm.
    • Length 15,900 mm.

Around the manhole there is a steel frame for mounting sump. The steel frame also collects any waste and is supplied with 110 mm drain to oil separator.

The tanks are installed in Hirtshals, Denmark.

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