Tanks for paraffin and stearic acid

For this project we sold three 50 m³ tanks for paraffin and stearic acid. The tanks are used in candle manufacturing.

The medium in the tanks must be stored at high temperature to be usable, and therefore the tanks are provided with approx. 150 meter heating hose at the bottom of the tanks.

  • 3 x 50 m³ single-skinned aboveground tanks with a diameter of 2500 mm.
  • Main dimensions of the tanks: L x W x H approx. 11.2 x 2.9 x 3.2 meters incl. insulation.

The tanks are insulated with 200 mm insulation and finished with stainless steel cover plate. The tanks are provided with ladder and platform at the manway for easy access to the tank. In order to reduce the heat loss from the tanks, all manways are enclosed in an insulated box that can easily be opened for access to the tanks inside.

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