Melting tank for paraffin

For the same project, three 50 m³ tanks for paraffin and stearic acid were previously delivered .

The new tank is a 49 m³ melting tank for paraffin. The paraffin can now be purchased in blocks and melted on site. Along with the melting tank, a robot is installed which automatically supplies the melting tank with paraffin blocks via a conveyor belt.

The tank is built with a large heat hose at the bottom of the tank, supplemented by a ramp inside the tank, which also acts as a heat hose. In total there are approx. 250 meters of heating pipes in the tank with a total heating surface of almost 40 m².

  • 1 x 49 m³ single-skinned aboveground tank in diameter 2900 mm.
  • Main dimensions of the tank: L x W x H approx. 8.3 x 3.3 x 3.5 meters incl. insulation.

The tank is insulated with 200 mm insulation and finished with stainless steel cover plate.

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