50 m³ tank with insulated room for Adblue

Double skinned above-ground tank in 3 compartments for storage of two types of diesel and Adblue.

The Adblue room is 10 m³ and is insulated with 100 mm insulation and has a stainless steel cover plate. Suction pipe and filling pipe for Adblue are also insulated.
To prevent Adblue from getting too cold, this part of the tank and the pipes to and from the Adblue room are equipped with heating cables.

  • 50 m³ double skinned steel tank made according to EN12285-2 class A with 3 compartments.
  • Main dimensions of tank: L x W x H approx. 11 x 2.5 x 3.2 meters

The tank is delivered almost ready to use complete with suction and filling pipes to ground level. The tank is also supplied with ladder and platform on top of the tank for easy access to the tank connections as well as an electric cabinet prepared for connection of pumps, payment terminal, etc. The manways on the tank are anti-theftproof with galvanized steel covers.

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