CGH Nordic only produces tanks according to order and design the tanks to the individual project. Often the tank is made complete with pipeing for filling incl. filling coupling for tank truck, so that it is easy for the customer to start using the tank.

The tank can also be provided with pipe to the pump and return pipe from the pump back to the tank. In the case of EX fluids we can also make a solution with loading pump nicely built into the cabinet with collection of any waste.

This page only shows a small selection of other options we can offer for our tanks. Please inquire and we will also find a solution to meet your needs.

Loading pumpe

  • Loading pump for filling EX liquids from tanker without pump
  • Capacity as needed, typically from approx. 500 liters/minute
Loading pump

Anti-theft system

  • Solid galvanized steel dome placed over manway
  • All tank connections are effectively protected
  • Comes with cutouts for pipes
  • Secured by padlock
Anti-theft system

Operating level filling

  • Piping from top of tank to operating level
  • Typically in 2 "or 3"
  • Can be supplied complete with ball valve, check valve and filling coupling
  • Filling coupling at customer's request - i.a. TW coupling and TODO coupling
Nedført påfyldning

Nedført sugerør

  • Rørføring fra top af tank og f.eks. frem til pumpeplatform
  • Udføres normalt i 1½" eller 2" og afsluttes med kugleventil
  • Kan forsynes med anti-hævertventil eller magnetventil på top af tank


Nedført sugerør