Tank insulation

  • Insulation of aboveground tanks usually 100, 200 or 300 mm
  • Cover plate in different materials according to needs and location
    - Aluzink
    - Aluminum
    - Freshwater resistant aluminum
    - Stainless steel
  • Insulated cap over manhole cover to reduce heat loss
  • CGH can also supply underground tanks with insulation
    - Insulation normally approx. 100 mm
    - Completed with waterproof layer


Billede af isolering af tanke

Tank heating

Some oils / media require heating to be usable.
CGH Nordic offers various solutions for this.

  • Electric tank heating with cables external cables
    - Length and capacity of cable is calculated according to heat loss / heat demand in the tank
    - Thermostat for controlling temperature in tank
  • Direct tank heating by placing the heater directly in the tank
  • Steel pipe mounted inside the tank for hot water or steam
    - Length is calculated according to heat loss / heat demand in the tank and by temperature in the heating pipe
    - Made out of black steel or stainless steel, according to the medium in the tank
    - Pipes can be made as a heating hose at the bottom of the tank or as a spiral around a pipe

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Opvarmning af tanke